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Industry Research

Market Research Mastery: Unveiling Insights, Driving Growth

At LPC, we don’t just study the market, we’re immersed in it every day. With over 25 years experience and more than 250 commissioned initiatives for our clients, research is a foundational part of LPC’s DNA. From presses to plates, from dies to inks, from materials to coatings – our expertise spans the entire printed packaging ecosystem.

Insightful Dialog: Our Special Sauce

Our extensive network of printers/converters and brands doesn’t just respond to us—they engage with us. This open and honest communication is our special sauce, allowing us to extract the most valuable insights directly from the source.

We’re adept at uncovering not just the data, but the stories behind the numbers. Our approach goes beyond traditional surveys; we dive into the qualitative depths where the stories unfold. Here, we tap into the industry’s pulse—identifying pain points, concerns, and burgeoning opportunities from your customers and prospects.

While quantitative surveys provide a solid statistical foundation, these qualitative conversations are also crucial. They bring real-world context that is essential for a company’s strategic growth plan. This rich blend of data and dialogue ensures that our research not only resonates but also drives meaningful change.

Jennifer Dochstader is one of the sharpest L&P analysts in the business. She really understands the label converter’s point of view, and has a shrewd understanding of where the market is headed.

Susan Rubin

Sr. Strategic Analyst, HP

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